ASPM's Institutions


Junior Colleges

  • Shripatrao Bhosale Higher Sec. College (arts and Science)
  • Shripatrao Bhosale Junior College ( & Crop science)
  • Shripatrao Bhosale Junior College(MCVC)
  • K T Patil School Of Nursing (R.A.N.M)
Post HSC Diploma Course
  • D. Pharmacy Institute
  • K T Patil College & School Of Nursing( R.A.N.M & R.G.N.M )
  • K T Patil College Of Education(D.ED)
Post HSC Degree Course
Postgraduate Courses
  • K T Patil College Of MBA
  • K T Patil College Of Education(M.ED)
  • K T Patil College Of Pharmacy(M.Pharmacy)


Address :
ASPM’s K.T.Patil College & School of Nursing
Siddharth Nagar, Barshi Road,
Osmanabad.(M.S) 413 501

  • Phone:02472-224815

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