About the Department
Nursing Foundation forms the underlying basis for rendering nursing care to the needy, sick and healthy individuals. This department paves the way for entry of the novice nurse to develop the desirable knowledge attitude and skills which forms the crux of nursing practice.
The Department of Nursing Foundation was established on 18.04.2013. It has adequate infrastructure to facilitate teaching-learning and research activities. A laboratory area of 1666.34 sq.ft is available for nursing procedure demonstration, equipped with adequate mannequins, equipment and instruments to successfully amalgamate class room teaching in patient care. This department consists of experienced faculty members with immense passion for teaching and research activities. 
The Nursing foundation subject is taught to B.Sc. Nursing (Basic) G.N.M and ANM in I year. Other beneficiaries include students of undergraduate Trauma Care management, Allied Health Sciences and Physiotherapy. 
 Clinical services provided include basic nursing care to patients in different settings such as medical, surgical, ICU, Orthopaedics, Laboratory & Injection room. 

The nursing foundation experience in B.Sc Nursing course enables the student to acquire knowledge with application of scientific principles, develop an attitude that involves integration of ethics and professionalism in carrying out nursing procedures in ideal situations promoting competency for safe and efficient patient care 

The department of nursing foundation optimizes the integration of horizontal learning in anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, nutrition, microbiology, psychology, computer skills and its vertical application in nursing care environment. Facilitate situations that enhance application of learned competencies leading to a strong basis for multidimensional development. 
  1.  Describe the concept of health, illness and health care agencies
  2.  Explain concept and scope of nursing
  3. Describe values, code of ethics and professional conduct for nurses in India
  4. Explain the admission and discharge procedure
  5. Perform admission and discharge procedure
  6. Communicate effectively with patient, families and team members and maintain effective human relations
  7. Appreciate the importance of patient teaching in nursing
  8. Explain the concept, uses, format and steps of nursing process
  9. Documents nursing process as per the format
  10. Describe the purposes, types and techniques of recording and reporting
  11. Describe principles and techniques of monitoring and maintaining vital signs
  12. Monitor and maintain vital signs
  13. Describe the purpose and process of health assessment
  14. Describe the health assessment of each body system
  15. Perform health assessment of each body system
  16. Identifies the various machinery, equipment, linen and their care
  17. Describe the basic, physiological and psychosocial needs of patient
  18. Describe the principles and techniques for meeting basic, physiological and psychosocial needs of patient
  19. Perform nursing assessment, plan, implement and evaluate the care for meeting basic, physiological and psychosocial needs of patient
  20. Describe principles and techniques for infection control and biomedical waste management in supervised clinical settings
  21. Explain the principles, routes, effects of administration of medications
  22. Calculate conversions of drugs and dosages within and between systems of measurements
  23. Administer drugs by following routes-oral, intradermal, subcutaneous, intramuscular, intravenous, topical and inhalation
  24. Describe the pre and post operative care of patients
  25. Explain the process of wound healing
  26. Explain the principles and techniques of wound care
  27. Perform care of wounds
  28. Explain care of patients having alterations in body functioning
  29. Explain care of terminally ill patient
  30. Explain the basic concepts of conceptual and theoretical models of nursing


Address :
ASPM’s K.T.Patil College & School of Nursing
Siddharth Nagar, Barshi Road,
Osmanabad.(M.S) 413 501

  • Phone:02472-224815

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