Medical Surgical Nsg

The Department of Medical Surgical Nursing deals with courses related to adult health nursing including geriatrics within the framework of the curriculum ofMUHS, Nasik and the Indian Nursing council. The clinical services of the department include clinical supervision of students, patient care, in-service education, conduction of awareness programs, health screening, clinical administration and research activities. The services are rendered in various areas of Government Hospital , Osmanabad and other Affiliated Hospitals that include: general medical & surgical wards, out-patient departments, specialty wards, critical care units, intensive care units, operating rooms, diagnostic and procedural areas. The department also offers value based add on courses, credit based certification course and preceptorship training programs.
We believe that activities of Dept. of Medical Surgical Nursing facilitate the development of competent professionals who demonstrate excellence in the nursing practice, education, administration and research.


Address :
ASPM’s K.T.Patil College & School of Nursing
Siddharth Nagar, Barshi Road,
Osmanabad.(M.S) 413 501

  • Phone:02472-224815

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