Principal ‘s Desk

A warm welcome from ASPM’S K.T.Patil College of Nursing, Dharashiv. This college is purely dedicated to nursing education and advanced research activities in different fields of health sciences at the state and national levels. The Institute was established with the aim of sympathetic service to people, charity, and excellence through education.

The Institute is not only an “Excellent Center of Learning” but is also known for its delivery of quality healthcare services. The main motto of the Institute is care, concern, and commitment to the patient and students alike. When it comes to education, it is necessary to select the best Institute to strengthen the career growth of your children. We aim to be a center of excellence both in the practice of nursing and nursing training.

We prepare our enthusiastic and talented young men and women to play a key role at the forefront of the nursing profession. Through professional knowledge acquired from vastly experienced and dedicated staff; an Institute set with the most modern equipment and infrastructure specially created for you, you will find the opportunities to be exceptional.

As a center of excellence, K.T.Patil College provides expert care in a safe, clean, comfortable, and friendly environment. Our dedicated healthcare professional provides high-quality, personalized care. This Institution believes that Nurses and Hospitals are there for the sake of healing. As always, we are looking to improve our care and service to you.

I want to invite you to take a closer look at our services and tell us how we are doing. We shall only be glad to work towards offering you what you are looking for in the field of Nursing.

I extend our deepest gratitude for your continuing support and confidence in our mission to provide quality health care and education. 

-Prof. Dr. Wale Gajanand


Principal, K.T.Patil College Of Nursing, Dhrashiv

Member of Board of Studies (BOS), Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Govt. of Maharashtra